Faster Onboarding Time to Exchange Allows IT Consulting Firm To Expand Their Business

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“MigrationWiz has given us a way to minimize liability and exposure to customer data and make onboarding Exchange a quick and easy process.”

Gregg Berretta
VP of Sales

MigrationWiz was able to eliminate the arduous manual process of migrating their customer’s information and instead made the process simple, fast and secure. Berretta says, “MigrationWiz has given us a way to minimize liability and exposure to customer data and make onboarding Exchange a quick and easy process. MigrationWiz migrations are fully automated and require no human interaction. That means your information stays secure through the migration to your new communication system and will not pass through the eyes of unauthorized people. Moreover, the choice of using MigrationWiz was a clear one as it stood in line with our value proposition around offering complete, fully scalable, cost effective turn-key solutions that would meet individual business needs.”

Since implementing MigrationWiz in migration projects ThinkGrid has seen lower support costs and higher conversion rates. “Partners were able to onboard their customers faster than ever. Businesses saw a rapid ROI from this cloud service as it is low-cost, hassle-free and, in many instances, much more reliable than having an Exchange server onsite,” Said Berretta. “This, in turn, has also opened the door for faster adoption rates of other cloud- based services, allowing our Partners to develop and strengthen their cloud business.”

In one of ThinkGrid’s recent migration projects they needed to move 200 mailboxes, each  averaging  five GB of data, to their platform. A project like this would take countless man-hours from both the customer and ThinkGrid side using their old manual methods of migration. “MigrationWiz uses pre-configured settings to automate the process over the cloud and reduce downtime,” said Berretta “We can state that MigrationWiz is the most cost effective and straight-forward option for mailbox migrations, saving a great deal of time and effort.”

After partnering with MigrationWiz one of ThinkGrid’s core products, Hosted Exchange, is growing daily and they attribute that growth to using MigrationWiz as a sales tool. “One of the most frequent barriers to overcome and one of the most common questions we are asked is ‘how do we get onto the ThinkGrid platform?” said Berretta. “MigrationWiz offers a simple answer to that question as it is works by connecting to the source and destination server just like a regular mail client and transfer mailbox data between them.” To make it easier for ThinkGrid customers, MigrationWiz is now preconfigured for ThinkGrid as a destination server.

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