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“MigrationWiz worked perfectly. It did all I expected. The ‘on-the-fly’ migration was a good experience and saved me a lot of time!”

Tom Pauwels
Owner and CEO

While reading through Microsoft forums, a user recommended MigrationWiz for Office 365 migrations. After reviewing the features, Pauwels saw MigrationWiz as a potential solution for his migration project if it was able to perform as he expected.

Pauwels found that using MigrationWiz was a straight-forward process. The cloud-based solution eliminated the time-consuming export/import process and required no unnecessary software or hardware installation. “It was not necessary to import all the mailboxes to PST files and export them to the destination. Now, everything went ‘on-the-fly’”, said Pauwels.

Due to the slow upload speeds at the source, the migration was completed after one week. Fortunately, with their upgrade to Office 365, the clients will never have to experience speeds this slow again. “MigrationWiz worked perfectly. It did all I expected. The ‘on-the-fly’ migration was a good experience and saved me a lot of time!” said Pauwels.

Office 365 will give the client a better base of communication with their customers. Having moved to the cloud, the company will benefit from larger mailbox capacities, including the ability to send large files containing blueprints and home plans. New solutions such as Office 365’s Lync and SharePoint will give employees the ability to meet online, co-edit documents, and access their information from virtually anywhere. With Microsoft’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, Xadec’s customers are now ready for a communication revolution!
As an IT consultant, Xadec looks forward to using MigrationWiz whenever applicable to save time and reduce costs on future migration projects.

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Organization: Xadec
Location: Bornem, Belgium
Industry: It Solutions
Source Messaging System: Microsoft Exchange 2003
Destination Messaging System: Microsoft Office 365

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