Migration to Office 365 Allows For Better Communication

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“It couldn’t have been any easier. Your solution made my transition a breeze. It was a fast, easy, and flawless migration.”

Robert Westergren
VP of Operations

Tempnology was using Google’s cloud-based collaboration environment, a combination of Google Apps and Gmail, but ran into issues as they expanded their business into China. Because of internet laws in China that affect the Google search engine it was apparent that they would need to find an alternative email service to ensure consistent communication. Recalling his past experience using Microsoft Exchange, VP of Operations, Robert Westergren, saw Microsoft Office 365 as a better solution in the company’s long-term plan. “I felt Office 365 was a better tool to have everyone using the same platform. Google didn’t give us the stability needed in our China-based team. Plus, it would give us more control and would streamline the company,” said Westergren.

While planning the migration to Office 365, Tempnology evaluated several migration strategies and consulted their IT company. “Email, calendar, and contact usage is very critical to the everyday needs of the company. We use it for everything such as scheduling calls, internal communication between teams, and external communication with vendors and distributors,” said Westergren. “Losing calendar sets and contact lists in the migration would set the company back several days. Their IT company recommended using MigrationWiz to seamlessly transfer the company’s data.

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Organization: Tempnology
Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Industry: Active Apparel Fabrics
Source Messaging System: Google Apps/ Gmail
Destination Messaging System: Microsoft Office 365

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