Migrate Your Email With No Training Required

MigrationWiz allows you to a similar process for all of our supported systems. If you are a technology solutions provider, you know that keeping up with the latest procedures for each product can be time consuming. Many other email migration products require lengthy training programs that will soon be obsolete, or require you to hire them as consultants to implement the migration. MigrationWiz is designed to be an automated and simple solution that even someone with no experience migrating email can use. Whether you are simply migrating your personal email or planning a migration for a company of 5,000; you can test, purchase, and initiate the migration on your own without a single training course or certification program.

For IT consultants this is fantastic news! You can offer email migration as part of your services using our nine supported systems without the hassle of being trained of nine different processes. This keeps your staff out of costly and time consuming workshops while expanding the services that you can offer to your clients.

What do you do if you run into a problem? We have you covered. Our website is a robust resource with planning checklists that take you from testing to migration day. If you encounter problems during your migration or have concerns about your specific project you can access our knowledgebase to read articles on frequently asked questions. If those resources do not address your issue you can contact our our 24/7 support team to get a quick response to your problem.

About the Author

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