Initiate Migrations with your Smartphone

We have many customers who enjoy MigrationWiz’s easy configuration and migration process. Numerous migrations are started at the end of the work week to allow extra time to complete other migration tasks without disruption to the regular business day.

Since these migrations occur over the weekend, who wants to be at work on a weekend starting migrations? MigrationWiz’s cloud-based solution means that you can start migrations anywhere you have Internet access, including your smartphone. Because there’s no software to install, you don’t have to be at your work computer. Eric Jacobus, founder of 360 Tech near New York City starting his migrations on the run with his iPhone. Mark Shaw of Card’s Computers in Maryland, USA started his migrations at a local park.

“Just letting you know I did another 20 users this past weekend for another client and it worked like a dream. As a matter of fact, I had all the mailboxes created on the MigrationWiz site so we could just click a button when we were ready to get started.

I was sitting at a park enjoying the day, then started the migration from my phone without a care in the world. Such wonderful technology. It’s nice having some real peace of mind.

Thanks so much again for this incredible resource.”

Mark Shaw
IT Administrator
Card’s Computers

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