Transfer Licenses

If you are a MigrationWiz partner, you have the ability to transfer licenses to another MigrationWiz user.

There are a few reasons where this can be beneficial to you. For many, this allows your company to have a centralized account for MigrationWiz purchases which makes it easier for management to control and distribute migration licenses. For example, one of our partners based in the UK has hundreds of traveling consultants all over Europe. It would be very inefficient and troublesome to track everyone’s migration purchases. With a centralized account, the company can purchase their licenses in bulk and distribute them to the person performing the actual migration as they are needed. Others found the feature to give them more flexibility on their purchases. When a migration project changes administrators or merges with another project, the licenses can go along with it without the sharing of account passwords.

Transferring licenses is very easy. Simply select “Transfer licenses” in the “Partner Services” box from your Migration Dashboard and enter the email of your license recipient, category, type, and the number of licenses. Make sure the recipient has already signed up for an account to ensure a smooth transfer.

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2 comments on “Transfer Licenses
  1. Philippe says:

    We’ve used this feature already. Works great. One question though: is there any way to track how many licenses have been transferred to who?

    • Hi Philippe,
      Unfortunately, this feature is not available right now. We look forward to pushing updates such as a transfer log in the near future.

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