Email Coexistence with Google

Our latest statistics indicate that 98% of migrations we perform complete in less than 24 hours. This allows most of our customers to perform big bang (single pass) migrations. In spite of this, some companies may need to implement coexistence between different email platforms.

For example, consider a set of users sharing the same email domain ( but whose mailboxes should reside on different email platforms. MX records for a domain cannot conditionally deliver emails to one system vs. the other depending on the user. So coexistence must be established by deploying email forwards.

Hosted Exchange has become an increasingly popular choice with many companies. The competitive pricing and robust feature set proposed by most Exchange service providers compare easily with Google’s hosted email platform. For companies wanting to migrate from Google, we recommend using Premium licenses because Google mailboxes tend to be larger than average.

Our migration solution is designed for multi-pass migrations which facilitates the implementation of coexistence scenarios. We even provide scripts to facilitate the deployment of email forward rules in Google Apps. Whether you are already in process of migrating or looking for more information regarding coexistence and multi-pass migrations, the articles below provide additional useful information.

A Word on Coexistence After Migration
More About Coexistence and Migration
How Do I Configure a Multi-pass Migration?

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