Cloud Technology Consultant Adopts Go-To Solution to Improve Customer Service & Increase Flexibility

“What was going to be a complex and messy project was simplified, done ahead of time and well under budget by using MigrationWiz!”

- Loryan Strant, Director & Microsoft Office 365 MVP

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In February 2010, Loryan Strant started Paradyne, a different type of cloud consulting company. With 15 years of experience in the IT industry and a reputation as a cloud-computing expert, Strant wanted to propose a different approach to cloud consulting. “At a time when most people were focusing on the technical capabilities of cloud computing, I found myself more interested in the end user experience” said Strant. “Technology is only worthwhile if it’s usable, cost-effective and helps meet business goals.”

Paradyne believes businesses best benefit from cloud-based solutions if they are not just pre-packaged but also include meaningful customizations. As a result, Paradyne offers customized implementations of Microsoft Office 365 whose cost does not exceed that of cookie-cutter solutions. Each one of Paradyne’s projects is tailored to specific business requirements. For more information about Paradyne, visit

The Challenge
When Paradyne was founded, its email system integrated with Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS). A year later, Microsoft deprecated BPOS in favor of Office 365. Strant knew Paradyne should migrate immediately from BPOS to Office 365 to remain on the cutting edge. Although Microsoft was planning a staged, automated transition over several months, Strant felt it was important for Paradyne to remain an early adopter. In addition, the company was already involved in several Office 365-related projects for its clients. “We wanted to be on the latest platform as quickly as possible so waiting for transition wasn’t really an option – especially given the fact that we are heavy SharePoint and Lync users” said Strant.

After considering manual migration methods and expensive third-party solutions to migrate from BPOS to Office 365, the company was convinced that using ineffective tools would result in work disruption. “We wanted to keep our mail working and have all content moved from our old mailboxes to the new mailboxes with minimal fuss,” said Strant.

The MigrationWiz Solution
Browsing BPOS TechNet forums, Strant came across several threads discussing an immediate transition from BPOS to Office 365 using MigrationWiz, a cloud-based migration solution designed to migrate data between email systems without any software or hardware deployment. Using MigrationWiz, Paradyne was able to accelerate its migration from BPOS to Office 365. “MigrationWiz allowed us to pre-migrate beforehand and then perform a simple cutover. The staff went home one night on BPOS and came back the next day on Office 365 – simple! Office 365 is absolutely amazing, especially SharePoint & Lync. We really love the simplicity of Office 365 and its rich feature set.”

Using MigrationWiz’s solution, Paradyne was not only able to migrate emails but also appointments, contacts, tasks and notes. “Paradyne’s employees are power users. Migrating just emails simply isn’t enough. We wanted all of our BPOS contacts to be migrated with high fidelity,” said Strant. Satisfied with the results, Paradyne knew it has found a simple go-to solution to migrate data between systems. “Set and forget!” said Strand when asked about MigrationWiz. “Many of Paradyne’s clients migrate from legacy on-premise or hosted mail systems to Office 365. MigrationWiz allows us to streamline the process while moving mailbox content with high fidelity. This gives our customers a better experience and allows our engineers to focus on the fun parts!” said Strant. By simplifying the migration process, MigrationWiz helps Paradyne focus on first-class customer service and developing cutting-edge solutions.

MigrationWiz has also helped resolve complex situations. For example, when Paradyne was asked to migrate over one hundred users from a set of disparate platforms, it relied on MigrationWiz to bring the project to a successful conclusion. “Just prior to Christmas 2011, we migrated 150 users of a charity organization to Office 365. The customer had a mixture of remote users on POP3, as well as three locations each with their own Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003. What was going to be a complex and messy project was simplified, done ahead of time and well under budget by using MigrationWiz!”

About MigrationWiz
MigrationWiz is a complete cloud-based migration solution that helps companies move from existing to new messaging systems seamlessly and affordably. With no hardware or software to install, the patent-pending technology is a solution designed to meet the needs of individuals, IT administrators, consultants, system integrators and service providers interested in migrating mailboxes. MigrationWiz is a trusted brand in over 50 countries by global Fortune 500 organizations, governments, healthcare providers, and more. Customers can sign-up, configure and initiate migrations in a matter of minutes with no prior experience. For more information, visit

Organization: Paradyne
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: IT Cloud Consulting & Solutions
Employees: <10
Source Messaging System: Microsoft Exchange (BPOS)
Destination Messaging System: Microsoft Office 365

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