Email Migration Security and Privacy

If you are worried about data privacy and security in your migration projects, MigrationWiz complies with some of the high-level security standards. We have migrated many health care and government organizations that typically have very sensitive information that requires stringent security requirements. Additionally, we’ve migrated for customers from individuals to Fortune 500s. We implement these same security and privacy policies for all our migrations.

Trusted Brand

We’ve migrated thousands of terabytes from over hundreds of thousands of mailboxes in more than 50 countries. The most security conscious organizations have used our product which spans heath care centers, government organizations and some of the largest publically traded companies in the world.

Fully Automated

Our migrations are fully automated. It requires no human interaction. That means your information stays secure and will not pass through the eyes of unauthorized people. Other companies may require you to have a consultant to be the messenger for your email migration.

Zero Deployment

MigrationWiz requires no installed software or deployed hardware on your source or destination server. It operates outside the firewall and connects to your messaging systems the same way any external user would. Other third-party solutions may need software or hardware on your server or computer. This can put you at risk because the software or hardware can be collecting other information without your permission. Eliminate this risk by using our zero deployment email migration solution.

Mailbox Data

Your data (emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, journals, and notes) is not stored on our servers at all. Our solution works solely as a direct passageway from your source to destination messaging system. In some cases, the data may be cached temporarily in order to optimize network throughput. This cached data is wiped immediately after the migration.


Mailbox credentials are stored using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES is used worldwide including the US government. Once submitted, the administrator or end-user credentials cannot be retrieved or seen. The credentials are purged immediately from our systems once you delete the corresponding configuration.

Auto-Purge Policy

Our automatic purge policy deletes any mailbox connector and their corresponding configuration, statistics, history, and other related data that has been inactive for 90 consecutive days. Submitting a migration with the specific configuration will restart the 90 day period. This period is adjustable depending on your preferences. You may manually delete any connector before the 90 day period depending on your security guidelines.


Our data center is PCI compliant and some of our locations around the world are SAS 70 Type II compliant. Both these high-level compliance standards are implemented to ensure protection of privacy, corporate accountability, and establishment of internal controls throughout organizations.

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