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“It is awesome and better than anything else!”

– Nick Beaugeard, CEO

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HubOne is a global cloud-computing integrator with offices in Australia, Singapore in the US.  The company helps customers of all sizes select, adopt, and deliver the benefits of cloud computing to end users. HubOne specializes in assessing customer environments to determine the most efficient way to migrate entire IT infrastructures to the cloud. HubOne’s solutions also ensure the sustainability of management systems for cloud-based IT infrastructures.

Cloud computing makes it easier for companies of different sizes to leverage enterprise-class information technology solutions. Some of the benefits include easier collaboration, improved data management and reduced costs. By offering uptime guarantees and monthly billing options, cloud-based services eliminate the need to host complex enterprise solutions or for costly initial investments.

Nevertheless, the process of migrating a complex infrastructure to a cloud-based platform can be daunting. Using battle-tested processes and solutions, HubOne ensures a seamless transition to the cloud. Whether directly with or through its partner network, the company specializes in identifying and mitigating risks associated with deploying complex systems to the cloud. More information about HubOne can be found at

The Challenge
As a leading cloud integrator, HubOne collaborates with large enterprise software vendors to provide easy to use integration and migration solutions to its customers. One key issue is that most enterprise software vendors provide technology-specific solutions that are incompatible with other systems. Because its integration solutions encompass email migration, HubOne was looking for a fast, reliable mailbox migration solution that would be compatible with a large variety of email systems. The company was also looking not just for a solution, but also for a team of with deep expertise in the field of email migration.

The MigrationWiz Solution
Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner conference was an opportunity for HubOne to learn about and evaluate MigrationWiz’s cloud-based migration solution. During its selection process, HubOne chose MigrationWiz because of its reliability, performance and support level. MigrationWiz distributes licenses electronically and implements an internet-accessible API that can be used to remotely manage migrations. As a result, HubOne can now initiate migrations on-demand across various cloud integration projects.

During one recent project, HubOne wanted to migrate 450 mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Microsoft hosted Exchange (BPOS). Leveraging MigrationWiz’s cloud-based, zero-footprint solution, HubOne was not required to deploy any software or hardware and so focused exclusively on remotely managing migrations. “Support was fantastic and resolved our issue very rapidly. [MigrationWiz] has helped us position as one of the best migration providers worldwide!” said Nick Beaugeard, HubOne’s CEO.

About MigrationWiz
MigrationWiz is a complete cloud-based migration solution that helps companies move from existing to new messaging systems seamlessly and affordably. With no hardware or software to install, the patent-pending technology is a solution designed to meet the needs of individuals, IT administrators, consultants, system integrators and service providers interested in migrating mailboxes. MigrationWiz is a trusted brand in over 50 countries by global Fortune 500 organizations, governments, healthcare providers, and more. Customers can sign-up, configure and initiate migrations in a matter of minutes with no prior experience. For more information, visit

Organization: HubOne
Location: Sydney, Australia
Industry: Cloud Integration
Employees: 15
Source Messaging System: Microsoft Exchange 2003
Destination Messaging System: Microsoft BPOS
Total Mailboxes Migrated: 450

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