Easier Exchange Migrations With Auto-Discovery

When migrating from and to different versions of Exchange, MigrationWiz leverages different APIs such as EWS (Exchange Web Services) or Web DAV (Document Authoring Protocol). Now, some hosted providers use different Client Access Servers to implement OWA access vs. programmatic access. In those situations, specifying an OWA URL as a target in MigrationWiz resulted in an error. All it took to resolve the issue was a bit of detective work to find the right endpoint. This said,  the process remained manual and therefore incompatible with our mission: provide easy to use, fully automated migrations.

Enters our implementation of Exchange’s auto-discovery protocol. With this capability in place, MigrationWiz now automatically discovers the API endpoint for each mailbox the same way Outlook automatically finds a user’s home Exchange server. While this improvement is only useful to customers migrating from or to service providers using role separation, automating the discovery process clearly streamlines the migration experience. Your time counts and we know you have better things to do than locate the right endpoint for thousands of mailboxes.

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