Where MigrationWiz Adds Value

Today someone asked us how why so many of our customers use MigrationWiz after experimenting with Microsoft’s free Transporter Suite. While the Transporter Suite is a fantastic tool, there are some situations where customers can benefit from some of the many features we provide. Quick recap:

√ Zero Footprint

MigrationWiz requires no software, no hardware, and no special configuration – it’s that simple! It’s not only convenient, it also eliminates all deployment headaches associated with large-scale migrations.

Advanced Error Handling

Over the course of many migrations, our systems have evolved to adapt to thousands of special situations and so provide robust error handling. Besides detailed error reporting, MigrationWiz uses advanced strategies to automatically repair corrupt MIME content, handle dropped connections, or deal with misconfigured servers.

Unlimited Scalability

MigrationWiz uses patent-pending technology to automatically allocate as many computing resources as required to perform migrations of any size. We’ve proven time and again that our migration platform can scale to many thousands concurrent migrations.

Visual Stats

MigrationWiz provides real-time statistics including visual performance graphs and charts. In addition, MigrationWiz provides live spreadsheet reports and a complete set of detailed statistics. Advanced statistics can also be retrieved programmatically using our SOAP API.

Email Notifications

MigrationWiz implements customizable emails notifications. Whether you want to notify mailbox owners or administrators of a job’s status, we provide this capability. While on the go, an email client and a web browser are all you need to manage your migrations.

Supported Systems

Need to migrate emails but also contacts or appointments from Novell GroupWise, Google Apps, or Exchange Server? MigrationWiz provides those capabilities, along with full support for all IMAP and POP based systems.

Full Fidelity

Need to make sure contact photos will be preserved? Wondering if a rarely used appointment property will be migrated? MigrationWiz provides an unmatched level of fidelity, mapping  hundreds of properties for each type of item migrated.

One Tier Support

With MigrationWiz, all support requests are promptly routed to a full-time software engineer, not a poorly-qualified support contractor. Our 24×7 support team receives daily praises about our response speed and accuracy. And email support is always included.


As a cloud-based solution, we’ve defeated dozens of bugs or applications getting in the way of connecting to mailbox data. Whether your provider use ISA, custom security software, or mis-configured virtual directories, we’ll find a way to connect to your data and get your migration going.

Administrative Mode:

Want to use a single set of credentials to migrate from Google Apps, Exchange, or GroupWise? We implement security protocols such as OAuth to provide administrative access to all user mailboxes without having to manage individual user credentials.

Automated Credential Management:

No access to administrative credentials for security reasons? MigrationWiz uses patent-pending technology to automatically request credentials from end users, and initiate migrations upon validation of credentials.

Migration Speed:

Because we provide resources to migrate your data, the faster we migrate, the lower our costs. Our code is optimized to leverage techniques such as batching, compression and parallelization to move data as quickly as possible (often exceeding 1GB/hour/mailbox).

Duplicate Handling:

MigrationWiz implements multiple levels of protection against duplicates. Designed from the start to handle multi-pass (delta) migrations, MigrationWiz provides users with a safe and efficient way to perform multi-staged migrations.

Legacy DNs:

If you’ve used Exchange, you know how pesky legacy DNs can be. MigrationWiz has the unique ability to resolve legacy DNs to SMTP addresses without requiring any connection to Active Directory. This helps ensure all migrated emails are in fact repliable.

Office 365:

As a cloud-migration leader, MigrationWiz already fully implements support for migrating from and to Office 365. We’ll perform all the steps required to locate each account / mailbox and get the migration going.

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  1. [...] The benefits remain the same for any MigrationWiz license. Our one-mailbox-per-license pricing applies to all migrations from any supported source or destination systems. Using MigrationWiz, your migration project can be easily completed with 24/7 support, unlimited scalability, email notifications, automated credential management, scripting capabilities, performance optimizations, and more! [...]

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